Nothing of Nati…

Nothing of National Importance today; but it did blow MY day out of the water!  One of the ‘favorite’ farm cats died this morning.  Not sure how Houdini died, but she had a broken jaw.  Could have been hit by a car or kicked by a horse…..  But she will be missed a lot around here.  She was getting up there, about 8 – 9 years old; a very loving cat, as long as you didn’t try to pck her up and hold her for long.

Still feeling a bit depressed about the whole thing.  I will miss her for a long time to come.  She was in her own feline way quite special.


About Shadow Star

I am a perpetual student of life in general and of many and varied topics. Be warned, I skip about a bit and tend to be interested in many different types of studies and topics!
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