Still alive………

After the lovely visit of tropical storm Debbie, which flooded out over half of my town, we still have many new lakes where there ‘shouldn’t’ be lakes.  There were over 70 sinkholes in and around this town……. help everything is either under water or going underground!  Everything had started to dry up a bit, that is until it started to rain everyday (almost) for the last 2 weeks……..  Now there may be another TS or hurricane headed this way!  Not what we need, some people still haven’t been able to move back into their homes because they are still underwater……

My little garden was flooded out, and the grass is growing so fast that I don’t know if the lawn tractor will cut it or not!  Well at least the temperatures are down from the 100’s to into the mid 80’s.  At least that is a good thing.

So much for now!


About Shadow Star

I am a perpetual student of life in general and of many and varied topics. Be warned, I skip about a bit and tend to be interested in many different types of studies and topics!
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